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格米莱企业集团主体是创立于2011年的广东顺德科锐玛电器有限公司,得益于公司创始人和核心技术团队是具有近 30 年咖啡机系统结构设计经验的工程师,公司第一核心优势就是商业咖啡机锅炉系统的创新设计能力。2020年,公司荣获“广东省专精特新企业”荣誉称号,以创新驱动发展,持续走高质量发展之路。
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格米莱Gemilai是格米莱企业集团在中国大陆地区运营的商业品牌,是由集团创始人袁彬 (Tony)先生于 2011 年注册创立。秉承袁彬(Tony)先生在咖啡设备领域二十多年的技术经验,与喝出幸福味道的品牌使命愿景,公司一直专注于高品质专业咖啡系统的研发,历经多年的持续投入和发展,让我们拥有了多项世界级核心专利技 术,和丰富的产品体系、专业的咖啡学院、完善的售后服务,并持续构建自有的咖啡生态平台。在专业咖啡设备 及服务领 域获得从业人员及咖啡爱好者的肯定,成为在该领域具有全球影响力的公司。


格米莱 Gemilai 的产品和服务,最突出的理念是以自主技术硬核锅炉系统为基础,以极致的用户体验驱动设计,用东方 文化的国际视角跨越咖啡饮品生活,让商业技术进入家庭,创新创造国潮骄傲。我们更愿意下沉融入商圈,以我们的知识和资源赋能整个咖茶生态链,体现我们爱咖 啡、爱幸福味道的软文化。我们是中国咖啡机赋能者!


格米莱Gemilai 发展是历经凤凰涅槃的自我超越过程,如同一杯意式萃取,经过精准的时序、温 度、流量、压力的密 码,渗透蔓延,汇聚成鲜亮地萃取滴液,最终得到感悟幸福的甘露!2022 年品牌 形象“莱宝”诞生,就是历次 “萃取精灵”蝶变的最新化身,承载格米莱人的精神,与咖啡商圈共享纷呈极致风味。


梦想起航,更远更高,已成格米莱人共同的信念。格米莱将持续深耕和摸索,让更多的用户使用到格米莱的极致产品,让我们 “一起喝一杯”。


The main body of Gemile Enterprise Group is Guangdong Shunde corrima Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., founded in 2011. Thanks to the founder and core technical team of the company, they are engineers with nearly 30 years of experience in the structural design of coffee machine system. The first core advantage of the company is the innovative design ability of commercial coffee machine boiler system. Technical team the advantage not only in the innovation of the system performance is outstanding, was poured over commercial Italian extraction essence, on the basis of making full use of the structure innovation, standardization and modularization design cost scale advantage, after the early ODM/OBM two stage development, has become of shunde's people are in the field of domestic semi-automatic commercial coffee machine and a "hidden champions".


The company is located in guangdong shunde daliang, covers an area of twenty thousand square meters, the factory mainly focus on research and development, pilot plant and core components manufacturing, in order to "grasp core technology" and "train the ability of processing expertise" as to build their own supply chain principle, the other basic process outsourcing, is typical of the smile curve type technological innovation-oriented enterprises, national high-tech enterprise certification. In 2019, the accumulative turnover exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time, and the contribution rate of new product sales was as high as 30%. The revenue of the international ODM market and the domestic OBM market were balanced and complementary, with a good risk balance of "double cycle" in the domestic and international market, as well as advanced development technology reserve and aggressive determination.


Since 2019, the company began strategic upgrade by VI brand upgrade, then think about the responsibility of the company and the target, the blessing coffee circle of friends at home and abroad merchants and the value of customer approval and encouragement, and ascending dimension, assign to art and culture, enhance the sense of mission, service from espresso, cross-border item (tea) with extraction, extended to commercial and domestic water, collaborative culture, 3 c craftsmen sword refers to build "for a drink" co-prosperity of the business circle. This is the gemile people's intention of happiness.


"With great power comes great responsibiLity," after eight years of phoenix nirvana, Gomilet has made great progress in its ability, and is determined to empower the business circle. Please give Gomilet the opportunity to pursue a happy experience and win With coffee drinkers.